Meeting – January 7th, 2014

Meeting – January 7th, 2014

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The Central MO PCC will be conducting an educational seminar on January 7, 2014.

LOCATION: MFA Oil, 1 Ray Young Drive, Columbia MO 65201.

START TIME: 10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. and will include lunch. The price per person is $10.00.

TOPIC / DISCUSSION: Our topic for this meeting will focus on the 2014 Rates and discussion regarding the Intelligent Mail Barcode and what the updates are on the implementation.

The Postal Customer Council invites you to become a member

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How can you benefit from the Postal Customer Council?

The Postal Customer Council® (PCC®) program is a valuable resource for business mailers, large and small. Local PCCs serve as an open channel for USPS-to-business communication, providing information and best practices for cost-effective and profitable mailing, education and training, and solving local challenges. Though most PCC members include large business mailers, government agencies, and business mail service providers, small businesses can benefit from PCC membership, too.

Your local PCC offers these benefits…

  • Learn from postal experts about marketing through the mail. Find new sources for mailing lists. Printing, database management, and more.
  • Get discounts to major mailing industry events.
  • Network with other mailers, business mail service providers, and USPS executives to discover new ways to make your mailings more efficient and profitable.
  • Hear first-hand from other decision-makers on how they deal with the same challenges you face.
  • Leverage best practices to improve mailing effectiveness, efficiency, and profitability.
  • Gain knowledge about postal products, services, and tools to improve mail quality through workshops and events—and earn a professional certificate to boot.

USPS Defers Implementation of Full-Service Intelligent Mail Requirement for Automation Prices

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The U.S. Postal Service is disappointed with the portion of last week’s ruling from the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) which held that the implementation of Full-Service Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) constitutes a rate increase. This ill-conceived decision will impair complete adoption of Full-Service IMb and hinder the Postal Service’s ability to promote a technology that enhances the value of mail, which is critical to the development of next-generation digital products and services. The PRC’s overly expansive view of the price cap demonstrates why comprehensive postal reform legislation should include additional pricing authority for the Postal Service Board of Governors. 

Due to the PRC ruling, the Postal Service is delaying the January 26, 2014 implementation of the Full-Service Intelligent Mail requirement for automation price discounts. Mailers who are not currently enrolled in full-service effective January 26, 2014 will still be able to claim automation prices. To achieve the best pricing, however, mailers must continue meeting full-service requirements. 


PRC Approves USPS Rate Increase; Implementation of Full Service IMb Remanded

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Washington, DC -Today, the Postal Regulatory Commission issued its decision in Order 1890 on the Postal Service’s request to increase prices January 26, 2014. The Commission determined that the rates proposed by the Postal Service are consistent with the law, provided that the Postal Service does not implement Full Service IMb requirements concurrently with the proposed increased rates.

Full Service IMb requires each piece of mail, each bundle, and each pallet to have a unique identity barcode. The Commission determined that Full Service IMb mail preparation requirements are a classification change and that its effects must be included in its calculation of the percentage change in rates.

Concurrent implementation of the proposed rate adjustments and the Full Service IMb requirements would result in increases in First-Class Mail, Standard Mail, and Periodicals that exceed the statutory Consumer Price Index price cap, currently at 1.696 percent.

“The Commission’s primary responsibility is to assure predictable and stable rates for mailers bound by the statutory price cap. While we encourage the Postal Service to expand its capacity to track and measure the performance of mail services, this cannot be accomplished in a manner that effectively raises rates by 4.1% and 4.9% for First Class and Standard Mail.” said Chairman Ruth Y. Goldway.

Additionally, the Commission found that the Postal Service must resolve unequal commercial and nonprofit discounts for Standard Mail 5-digit automation flats. The proposed rates violate the requirement that disparities between commercial and nonprofit discounts must be justified by a statutory exception.

The Postal Service may implement the proposed rate adjustments, minus the Full Service IMb requirements, effective January 26, 2014. Alternatively, the Postal Service may adjust its proposed rates for First-Class Mail, Standard Mail, and Periodicals rates in a manner comparable to the implementation of Full Service IMb requirements in Package Services and file amended rates. The Postal Service shall notify the Commission of its intentions and provide necessary supporting documents by November 27, 2013.

The Postal Service proposed that the price of Single-Piece First-Class Mail letters increase from 46 cents to 47 cents. The price of a postcard will remain at 33 cents.