Celebrating 60 Years of the PCC

Honoring Sterling Wyatt

Dedication of the Columbia Post office building in memory of Specialist Sterling William Wyatt.

A dedication ceremony was held to name the downtown Columbia post office in honor of Specialist Sterling Wyatt, a Columbia native who was killed in action in Kandahar, Afghanistan in 2012. The dedication ceremony was attended by members of the Wyatt family, family friends, representatives of Wyatt’s Boy Scout troop, and citizens who wanted to pay tribute to this hometown hero who graduated from Rock Bridge High School in 2009. A special plaque honoring Wyatt was unveiled at the ceremony, and it now greets visitors walking through the post office’s front door. I also had the honor of presenting the family with a copy of my legislation that President Trump signed in December of 2018, authorizing the dedication of the post office. While Sterling lost his life in selfless service to our country, this dedication will ensure his heroism is never forgotten. As I said to those who gathered to honor him, “His service to our country set an example to the rest of our nation, and he is worth of this ceremony. Having this post office named after him will allow us to commemorate his patriotism forever and inspire future generations.” Sterling – thank you for your service.

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