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PCC Voice Challenge

The PCCAC Strategic Innovation and PCC Policy committee is challenging you to get connected through PCC Voice.

PCC Voice is a great social media networking platform to stay connected.  The challenge is designed to encourage all to be a part of the PCC Voice team.  Many have joined and have shared just how beneficial it has been to them and their PCC.  Don’t be left out. We currently have 355 member’s and our goal is to reach 500 by the end of this year.

The challenge is to sign up and post on PCC Voice.

Start Date: September 1, 2020 

End Date: December 31, 2020

Group 1

New member : Follow instructions to sign up as a member of PCC Voice. Post on PCC voice at least twice a month. Capture your posts and send to PCC@usps.gov

Group 2

Existing member post at least twice per month. Capture your posts and send to PCC@usps.gov

Each month a winner will be drawn to receive a special gift. Share your innovative ideas, success, tips and ways to keep your PCC engaged. 

Listed are the steps to get started. If you do not have a LinkedIn account please use Step 1. If you currently have an active LinkedIn account start with Step 2.

Let’s all accept the challenge and get connected through PCC Voice.

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