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Registration Now Open for 2020 National PCC Day

Registration Now Open for 2020 National PCC Day

National PCC Day is fast approaching and we are pleased to announce registration is now open. To register for National PCC Day click the following link: 2020.pccday.com. Please remind your PCC members they must register individually via the link to attend. Stay tuned for additional information about the PCC Day agenda, news and education offerings.

Registration Notes:

  • Once you click on the PCC link you will be asked a series of required questions.  You must answer the questions to register. 
  • After you register, you will be taken to a web page where you can download the National PCC Day event to your calendar.  Please make sure you download the event so it will populate on your calendar.
  • The PCC Day platform will work on most web browsers, however, for optimal viewing we recommend using  Chrome or Firefox.  The platform does not work on Internet Explorer.  When you receive your confirmation email there is a link where you can test your system.  Please test your system right away to make sure it is compatible with the National PCC Day platform.

Ready, Set, Go ……..Get Connected and Grow!

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