Celebrating 60 Years of the PCC

PCC Voice

PCC Voice is a great way to stay connected. Attached is a collateral document you can customize to promote the value of joining PCC Voice. Share with your PCC community and help PCCs and PCC Voice continue to grow!  

PCC Voice gives you the opportunity to:

  • Share Success Stories
  • Share Pictures and Videos
  • Ask Questions
  • Promote your PCC Events
  • Share tips
  • Share and learn new innovative ideas to grow and enhance your PCC

Congratulations to our September PCC Voice Challenge Winner George (Brian) Reeves! Keep the post coming!

Stay on the lookout for the PCC Advisory Committee (PCCAC) Strategic Innovation and Policy Sub-Committee. They are traveling virtually in your direction to visit your PCC and find out what innovative ideas your PCC has implemented. Your innovative ideas will be shared on PCC Voice so others can replicate and grow.
“Get Connected and Grow.”

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