Celebrating 60 Years of the PCC

National PCC Day Broadcast Now Available on Microsite

Thank you again to all who joined National PCC Day live.  If you were unable to attend or you want to watch it again, the full program is now available on the PCC microsite with closed captioning.  Click on this link National PCC Day microsite and you can view the following recordings:

  • National PCC Day Program:
    • Welcome – Get Connected and Grow Your PCC to New Heights, Acting Chief Customer Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Steve Monteith and Cathy Rupard, National PCC Industry Chair
    • PMG Remarks, Louis DeJoy, the 75th U.S. Postmaster General
    • Corporate Strategic Message and Mail’s Role in the Future of Marketing, Steve Monteith
    • The Magic of Disney, 2021 NPF Guest Speaker and former Head of Training at Disney University, Doug Lipp
    • Growing Forward: The Future of the Postal Customer Council, Lindsey Taylor, Manager, Customer Outreach and the PCC Advisory Committee
    • Celebrating Excellence, Judy de Torok and the 2020 PCC Leadership Award Winners
  • Seven Breakout Sessions:
    •  Five Benefits to Belonging to the PCC:  Judy Antisdel, PCCAC National Industry Vice-Chair, and Mark Fallon, PCCAC Member-at-Large
    • Election and Political Mail:  Dan Bentley, USPS Principal Product Management Specialist, and Don Nichols, National Lead, Political & Mailing Services
    • Innovation (Informed delivery):  Bob Dixon Jr, USPS Director, Product Technology and Innovation
    • Informed Visibility/Data Metrics:  Steve Dearing, USPS Director, Corporate Reporting
    • Shipping Strategy – Products and Services:  Markes Lucius, USPS Director, Product Management, Shipping
    • Small Business Initiatives:  Mary Anderson, USPS Director, Small Business Engagement, and Vicki Stephen, USPS Lead Executive, Small Business Strategy
    • Mail Repositioning:  Elke Reuning-Elliott, USPS Director, Product Management, Mailing

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