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In Tune With The Times, NPF 2021

Happy New Year!  As we look forward to a better future, we’d like to keep you informed regarding the NPF 2021 and where we stand to date.

First, we can’t help but acknowledge what we’ve all been through in the past year. We have each made adjustments in our daily activities as we followed CDC guidelines and the NPF has been no exception. Very much “in tune” with these unprecedented times, we too, have made the necessary changes in order to ensure the health and safety of everyone working in Mailing & Shipping. We’ve all been in this together, each doing our part…apart. 

Looking forward to our Nashville May 2-5 event, your health and safety is our #1 priority. We are collaborating with state and local officials to ensure strict adherence to CDC guidelines. Therefore the format will be something unexpected. It may be in person, online or a hybrid of the two. Either way, rest assured that the NPF will remain In Tune With The Times, ready to adapt.

Whatever the times call for, we are working diligently to bring you the kind of rewarding educational, inspirational and networking experiences that have been the hallmarks of the NPF.

Save the date and stay tuned to NPF.org where we will keep you informed on the latest 2021 NPF!

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