Celebrating 60 Years of the PCC

NPF 2.0: Your Next Breakthrough

The Opportunity is Yours
Join the NPF for an extraordinary 3-day virtual event that will bring the Mailing and Shipping industry together, September 20-22, 2021.
Take part in 28+ educational workshops and USPS officer led sessions that will motivate. Witness partner innovations and a special Monday guest speaker that will inspire. Together, let’s reconnect to reinvent and reimagine what will be a vibrant future for Mailing and Shipping. 
Make the Right Connections
NPF is making it easier than ever to connect seamlessly with colleagues and sponsors, arrange direct chats with peers and partners anywhere on the platform. NPF networking is one of the most powerful tools that can lead to prospering opportunities… and we’ve made it simple.
Registration is NOW OPEN

Make plans to attend NPF 2.0. For only $149, you’re all-in for 3-days of extraordinary content. Register today and stay connected to all the advances and trends that affect our rapidly progressing and changing Mailing and Shipping industry. 

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