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NEW TIME SLOT – USPS Implementation of Sack Elimination – Featuring Dale Kennedy

Please join the National PCC Program Office on Thursday, February 16, 2023 at 1:00 PM Eastern Time for a virtual session covering the elimination of sacks as a handling unit for USPS Marketing Mail® and Periodicals Flats. This information will be presented by guest speaker Dale Kennedy, USPS Director of Product Classification.

As part of its network redesign efforts, the Postal Service is eliminating the use of sacks as containers for flats acceptance/entry but will continue to allow flat trays as acceptable containers for acceptance and entry along with bundles on pallets for USPS Marketing Mail and Periodicals flat mail. Carrier route, 5-digit scheme carrier routes, and 5-digit carrier routes USPS Marketing Mail and Periodicals flat mail will continue to be allowed to use sacks as a handling unit.

Currently, there is a grace period to allow mailers time to modify their operations, adjust their mailing plans, and any other procedures to accommodate this change. It will also allow for receipt of mail already in transit for drop ship at the time of the implementation. The grace period will expire February 21, 2023. At that time, mailers will be required to be in compliance with the new rules.

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