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Executive Officer Appointment Vice President, Plant & Process Modernization

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has announced the appointment of John M. Dunlop as the Vice President of Plant & Process Modernization. Dunlop will report directly to the Chief Technology Officer.

Last year, DeJoy created a new team, Plant & Process Modernization, that focused on driving the strategies to create a rationalized network of integrated processing facilities.  These facilities will be equipped with standardized floor plans, operating plans, and state-of-the-art processing and material handling equipment to enable better service response, and cost-efficient operations.

Over the last several months we have solidified the plant redesign strategy, deployed additional processing machines and automation, and established engineered standards for how we process the mail.  Plans are underway to establish our first Regional Processing and Distribution Centers (RPD&Cs) and to standard the first few Local Processing Centers (LPCs).

In support of these efforts, the Plant & Process Modernization organization will continue to focus on the design, implementation, and activation of new, expanded mail processing facilities.

Most recently, John has served as the Executive Director of Plant & Process Modernization.  Over the past 30 years, John has been involved in the design, financial justification, installation, and activation of equipment and systems in almost every major processing plant in the network. As the manager of Network Operations Engineering, he managed the team that created and deployed Lean Mail Processing.  Recently, he led the team that deployed a combination of conventional and robotic systems to activate over 50 annexes for Peak Season in 2021.

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