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Sack Elimination Reminder

A Federal Register Notice (FRN) with the final ruling on the removal of sacks for USPS Marketing Mail l® and Periodical flats was published on January 5, 2023.

Federal Register :: Removal of Sacks-USPS Marketing Mail and Periodicals Flats

As part of its network redesign efforts, the Postal Service is eliminating the use of sacks as containers for Flats acceptance/entry but will continue to allow Flat trays as acceptable containers for acceptance and entry along with bundles on pallets for USPS Marketing Mail and Periodicals flat Mail. Carrier route, 5-digit scheme carrier routes, 5-digit carrier routes, and merged mail USPS Marketing Mail® and Periodicals flat mail will continue to be allowed to use sacks as a handling unit.

The Postal Service has tried to eliminate entry of sacks at any other point other than DSCF and DDU regarding Periodicals.

Sacks with parcels will be accepted at all entry levels.

Periodicals on bundles in sacks at other than DSCF and DDU will be required to change it to another container provided by the Postal Service, and they will not be charged the container price.

Exception: For small mailers using PW and small mailers that have no software who bring bundled flats in sacks, the mailer will empty any sacked, bundled flats into an origin container at the BMEU upon arrival. BMEU personnel will need to ensure that a container with an origin placard is in place to facilitate this process.

Note: If there is a situation that doesn’t fit into the above specific exceptions, please reach out to your local BME Management.

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