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Discontinuance of Hardcopy Postage Statements

A Federal Register Notice (FRN) with the final ruling on the discontinuance of hardcopy postage statements was published April 25, 2023, effective January 28, 2024.  Federal Register :: Hardcopy Postage Statements Discontinued

The Postal Service is discontinuing the use of hardcopy postage statements to improve efficiency by expediting the acceptance of commercial mail.  Except for Electronic Verification System (eVS®) mailings, all domestic commercial mailings must use an approved electronic method to transmit a postage statement to the PostalOne!® system. 

  • Electronic documentation decreases the quantity of undocumented errors, which creates a burden on both customers and BMEUs.
  • IMsb and Postal Wizard are free and easy options.
  • Mailers should be aware that there are also approved third-party software options available on PostalPro at postalpro.usps.com.

We will continue to educate our customers on the options available to them through industry webinars on using the Intelligent Mail for Small Business (IMsb) Tool and Postal Wizard.  For webinar information:
Electronic Documentation (eDoc) | PostalPro (usps.com)

  • IMsb and Postal Wizard are both free to use and web-based, meaning no download or software is required.
  • IMsb and Postal Wizard guides mailers through the items they need to complete and submit a postage statement based on information they provide along the way.
  • The IMsb Tool will automatically presort mailings according to the address list, providing full presort discounts such as 5-digit/AADC automation pricing. SCF entry discount will be available if eligible.
  • IMsb creates Full-Service automation rate presorted mailings with unique Intelligent Mail barcodes on mail pieces and tray labels. Piece labels and tray labels are identified by tray number, simplifying mail preparation.
  • IMsb cleanses the address list ensuring all addresses are valid and can identify duplicate addresses.
  • Third-party software vendors also offer all the above solutions.

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