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Domestic Mail Manual Revision: Mailing Currency UPDATED FAQs

Effective April 30, 2023, the Postal Service will be updating the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) regarding commercial cash transactions being shipped through the mail.

The following updates will be implemented: ​

503.2.1.6 Mailing Cash Transactions

Items mailed containing commercial cash transactions over $500.00 must be sent as Registered Mail® (see 601.1.3.4).

601.1.3.4 Mailing Cash Transactions

The following standards apply for sending commercial cash transactions:

  • Mailers must use Registered Mail service under 503.2.1.6 for commercial cash transactions over $500.00.
  • Mailers must not use any USPS-provided packaging (i.e., expedited packaging supplies) when mailing commercial cash transactions, regardless of the amount.

Please refer to the attached FAQs regarding this update.

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