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Mail Items Bearing Counterfeit Postage

Effective May 7, 2023, the Postal Service will be updating the Domestic Mail Manual (DMM) in various sections, to reflect a change in handling mail items bearing counterfeit postage. 

Counterfeit postage is any marking or indicia that has been made, printed, or otherwise created, without authorization from the Postal Service, that is printed, applied, or otherwise affixed on an article placed in the mail that indicates or represents that valid postage has been paid to mail the article.

The following updates will be implemented: ​

To distinguish handling mail articles without postage under section 604.8.2 from those that contain counterfeit postage, the Postal Service is revising section 604.8.4 to state that mail articles with counterfeit postage will be considered abandoned and disposed of at the discretion of the Postal Service.

These items will no longer be returned to the sender. The Postal Service believes that affixing counterfeit postage reflects a refusal to pay postage or an intentional effort to avoid paying postage. For clarity, the Postal Service will also revise various other sections related to the revisions in section 604.8.4

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