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NPF Attendees Join Us for the Peer to Peer Session

Tuesday, May 23, 2:45 PM – 3:45 PM Room E219A

Want to grow your business? Need help understanding your data? Don’t miss the “Peer to Peer” session. Top Postal and Industry subject matter experts are available to assist you and your business needs. This session features twelve tables, with each table leading an open discussion on a specific topic led by Postal and Industry facilitators, including:

  • Informed Delivery
    • Bob Dixon – Director, Product Technology Innovation, USPS
    • Leanne Herman – Director, Postal Affairs, KP Corporation
  • Informed Visibility – How to Best Use Mail Tracking Data
    • Nicole T. Wilson – Program Manager Mail & Package Information Technology, USPS
    • Todd Black – Managing Director, Web Track Division, Intelisent
  • Enterprise Payment System 101
    • Phil Bissonnette – Commercial Acceptance Analyst III, USPS
    • Rose Flanagan – Manager, Postal Strategies & Logistics, Data-Mail, Inc.
  • Seamless Acceptance Q&A
    • James Duffy – Manager, Product Preparation & Payment, USPS
  • The Business Customer Gateway – Tips & Tricks
    • Mike Rizzi – Commercial Acceptance Analyst III, USPS
    • Lisa Wurman – Postal Affairs Manager, Quad
  • Periodicals /Nonprofit Q &A
    • Verdonna Hudson – Principal Product Management Specialist, USPS
    • Eric Kisgen – Director, Postal Operations, Dotdash Meredith
  • USPS Promotions
    • Laura Ambrogio – Product Development Specialist Sr, USPS
    • Kurt Ruppel – Director, Postal Policy and Marketing Communications, IWCO
  • CASS & NCOALink CYCLE O – Implementation
    • Starlene Blackwood – Manager, Address Technology, USPS
    • Adam Collinson – Director of Address Intelligence, GrayHair Software
  • Business Service Network (BSN) and MSSC Navigation and Best Practices
    • Linda Racine – Manager, Business Customer Support & Services, USPS
    • Leo Raymond – Managing Director, Mailers Hub
  • Transportation FAST, MTEOR
    • Diane Smith – Director, Commercial Product Payment & Policy, USPS
    • Deb Damore – Postal Operations Manager, LSC Communications
  • Navigating PostalPro
    • Mike Filipski – Commercial Acceptance Analyst III, USPS
    • Lisa Bowes – Director, Postal Affairs and Product Insight, SnailWorks LLC
  • Hazmat/Structural Changes
    • Dale Kennedy – Director, Product Classification, USPS
    • Janine Egloff – Director, Pricing & Classification Service Center, USPS

Maximize your ROI, or just meet with colleagues in the industry. Refreshments will be available, so stop by and join us!

Peer-to- Peer takes place Tuesday, May 23, 2:45 PM – 3:45 PM (Period 10) in Room E219A.

For more details, click here NPF.org

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