Celebrating 60 Years of the PCC
Celebrating 60 Years of the PCC

2019 PCC Leadership Awards Winners

On July 30, 2019, the Postal Service recognized and celebrated the Postal Customer Councils (PCCs) Leadership Award winners at its Headquarters in Washington, DC.

This year, if your PCC submitted a nomination you were extended an invite to the awards celebration. We had 239 nominations submitted from 89 different PCCs.

We had an independent review panel evaluate all submissions with each award category being evaluated by a 3 person cross-functional team. Each PCC was graded on a scale of 1-10 with the highest scores receiving the award. The PCC Advisory Committee does not weigh in on the award selection process.

Next year, the Leadership Awards Celebration will take place in Orlando, Florida during the National Postal Forum on Sunday, April 26, 2020.

Congratulations to our award winners listed below. We can’t wait to see what you all accomplish in 2020!

Congratulations to our 2019 PCC Leadership Award Winners

PCC of the Year
(Large Market)
Northeast Florida PCCWinner
PCC of the Year
(Small Market)
Greater Madison Area PCCWinner
PCC Industry Member
of the Year
Joseph Banks
(San Diego PCC)
John Leininger
(Upstate PCC
of Greater South Carolina)
🎉 Cathy Rupard 🎉
(Central Missouri PCC)
PCC Postal Member of the YearGeorg-Anne Gargaliatsis
(Tampa Bay Suncoast PCC)
Martin Siminski
(Greater Rochester PCC)
Le Gretta Ross-Rawlins
(Greater Baltimore PCC)
District Manager of the YearChris Alexander
(Memphis Area PCC)
Tennessee PCC)
PCC Innovation of the YearTampa Bay Suncoast PCCGold
Greater Boston PCCSilver
Greater Dallas PCCBronze
Program Excellence
Northern Virginia
Metro PCC
Sacramento PCCSilver
Northeast Florida PCCBronze
Education Program Excellence🎉Central Missouri PCC 🎉Gold
Sacramento PCCSilver
Providence PCCBronze
Program Excellence
Santa Ana District PCCGold
Northern Virginia
Metro PCC
Greater Baltimore PCCBronze
Mentor of the YearGreater Charlotte PCCWinner
Up-and-ComerGreater Portland,
Recognition Award

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