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Acting Chief Retail and Delivery Officer and Executive Vice President, Joshua D. Colin

The Postmaster General released the following statement today, announcing Joshua D. Colin as the Acting Chief Retail and Delivery Officer and Executive Vice President:

I am pleased to announce that effective immediately, Joshua D. Colin, Vice President, Delivery Operations, will be acting in the position of Chief Retail and Delivery Officer and Executive Vice President.

Josh has 34 years of Postal Service experience and has extensive knowledge of all facets of postal operations.  He has excelled in multiple performance management initiatives and is committed to developing future Postal Service leaders.

Previously, as Vice President, Area Operations, Eastern Area, Josh was responsible for postal operations—including mail processing and distribution, customer service and administrative operations—over a geographic area that included Pennsylvania, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia, Delaware, Kentucky, Central and South Jersey, Western New York, and portions of Virginia and Indiana.  Josh achieved breakthrough performance during his time in this role.

Josh holds a Ph.D. in business administration from Trident University International, and dual master’s degrees in human resources management and public administration from Wilmington University.  He is a trained Green Belt Lean Six Sigma Executive, a graduate of the Advanced Leadership Program, and has completed phases I and II of the Postal Service Executive Development Program, and the Processing and Distribution Management Program.

Please join me in welcoming Josh to his new assignment.

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