Celebrating 60 Years of the PCC

2021 National PCC Day Professional Certificate Template

With National PCC Day just a few days away, we are pleased to announce that the National PCC Day 2021 Professional Certificate template is now available on the PCC BlueShare site located under the PCC Day Logos & Certificates tab.

PCC Postal Administrators are reminded to personalize, print and mail a hardcopy certificate using a G-10 label for postage to all PCC members who attend a 2021 National PCC Day event.  This mailing will count towards and qualify as part of the communication requirement for achieving a PCC Premier Certificate Award. 

As we “Celebrate 60 Years of the PCC”, we look forward to an exciting, engaging and insightful 2021 National PCC Day.

Stay tuned and ….Get Connected and Grow!

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