Celebrating 60 Years of the PCC

What You Missed From the National Postal Forum Tuesday

If you were unable to attend the National Postal Forum (NPF) Monday or Tuesday, you missed an exciting agenda filled with informative content and interactive sessions. Don’t forget, one of the exciting features of the NPF platform is attendees will have access to the content 30-days after the event. You will have the opportunity to view hours of programming at your convenience.

You still have time to register. To register, CLICK HERE

Yesterday’s agenda was all about “mail.” We featured live workshops on topics ranging from Direct Mail and Omni-Channel Success, Next Generation Awards, Good Address Hygiene, Staying Engaged With Informed Delivery, and Mail Innovations.

Our Tuesday General Session was hosted by Steve Monteith, Chief Customer and Marketing Officer. Joining Steve were Vice President, Sales, Shavon Keys, Vice President, Product Solutions, Tom Foti, and Chief Information Officer, Pritha Mehra. Kicking off their session was a deeper dive into USPS Connect, including the Texas USPS Connect local pilot, followed by technology enhancements for mail programs, and information about mail growth, including the pandemic impact on the marketplace and mail and package trends.

NPF kicks-off today at 10 AM EDT with more live workshops, an Officer-led session with Chief Barksdale and Deputy Chief Peter Rendina, and for the first time in conjunction with NPF, National PCC Day.

National PCC Day will start off with a video featuring a decade-by-decade look over the past 60 years of the PCC. Then, Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, hosts a roundtable discussion with the PCC Advisory Committee (PCCAC) leadership team. Integrated into the PCC programming will be a Sustainability of the Mail presentation, led by Vice President, Marketing, Sheila Holman. An additional PCCAC roundtable will focus on key forward-looking strategic initiatives. Closing out PCC Day will be the announcement of surprise PCC awards.

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