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USPS Mailing Promotions Policies on Samples at the BMEU

In 2023 Promotions released the Mailing Promotions Portal (MPP) which requires promotion participants to upload an electronic image of their mailing. The (MPP) portal stores service tickets and the images associated with it for at least 7 years.

For all promotions, the need to provide a hard copy piece at the BMEU at time of mailing has been removed effective immediately. All the Promotions Guidebooks are being updated to reflect this change.

All mailers are required to keep a sample of the hard copy mailpiece used in their campaign for 90 days after the end of the 2023 promotional period. The promotion office will conduct random audits. The mailer must provide sample along with approved Service Request within 15 business days of notification. If the mailer is unable to furnish proof, USPS has the right to reverse any discounts provided.

For the Tactile, Sensory, and Interactive promotion, participants are still required to send an actual sample to the promotions program office for pre-approval and a final version of the piece after mailing.  If multiple versions are being mailed and the treatment remains the same, only one sample is required indicating the number of versions.  If the treatment changes, then a new sample must be submitted to the program office. 

If you have any questions, go to “Ask a Question” on your Mailing Promotions Portal.

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