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Establishment of New Environmental Council

Postmaster Louis DeJoy has announced the establishment of an Environmental Council that will set the environmental strategy for the Postal Service for the next 10 years and oversee the implementation of environment goals and objectives.

The USPS is in the process of rolling out four major infrastructure programs with an investment of over $16 million dollars.  They are as follows:

  1. Improvements to our Network of Mail and Package Processing Facilities.
  2. Improvements to our Transportation Operations.
  3. Improvements to our Delivery Unit Network.
  4. Acquisition and roll out of over 100,000 vehicles in the next four years.

The Environmental Council will review all initiatives currently in place, champion and prioritize those that we choose to maintain, eliminate those that do not align with the new strategy, and establish new major initiatives that are aligned with the above four major infrastructure initiatives.

The Council Members will be as follows with additional members to be added:

  • Kelly R. Abney, Chief Logistics Officer, and Executive Vice President
  • Peter R. Pastre, Vice President, Government Relations and Public Policy
  • Judy de Torok, Vice President, Corporate Affairs
  • Ron J. Jarriel, Vice President, Fleet Management and Electrification Strategy

To support the implementation of our initiatives, the following personnel will also participate in the meetings and support the initiatives of the Council:

  • Jennifer G. Beiro-Reveille, Senior Director, Environmental Affairs & Corporate Sustainability
  • Gregory T. White, Executive Manager, Strategic Initiatives
  • Victoria K. Stephens, Director, Next Generation Delivery Vehicles

The current Environmental Affairs & Corporate Sustainability organization will continue to report to Jennifer Beiro-Reveille under the Corporate Affairs organization.  However, they will receive new direction from the Council on their strategies and initiatives.

Given the importance of our sustainability initiatives, PMG DeJoy will Chair the Council to champion our initiatives, drive the progress necessary for success – all to enhance our environmental ambitions.  Once our major strategies

are underway, and the PMG gains confidence in their scale and momentum, we will evaluate and assess the ongoing role and direction of the Environmental Council to ensure the long-term future of our environmental strategy.

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